About Application

There are lot of housewives who are very good cooks. They prepare food for family members say 4 in numbers. For this they are engaged for the whole day. With the same effort and time she can cook for 15 people. Four  for her family members and eleven tiffins for others. The money that she can fetch by selling these eleven tiffins is sufficient for cooking fifteen meals. Like this she can be a real bread winner for the family. Now there are many singles living, who have to satisfy them from street food or costly hotel food. These foods may not necessarily be hygienic or nutritious. If these people get real home cooked food they will welcome this. There are working women who have to spend a lot of time in cooking for their families. If they get a real home cooked food, the time saved can be utilized in some more fruitful works. There are a lot of people who can work as cooks, chefs, dishwashers, tiffin delivery person etc. There are people who do not have money to eat food or buy tiffin for them. Or those who are so old or sick that they cannot cook food for themselves. There are people who wish to support the people to eat food but do not know the channel to identify them. Travelers visiting different countries, places like to taste real local food. They never get real taste.This application is meant to make all these people know each other. Contact each other and get benefited. The money needed to run this business will be recovered from advertisements and blessings received.